What is a Customs Broker

When importing goods into the United States, you need to retain the services of  customs Brokers unless you have an in-house customs broker. The process starts before placing the purchase order with your vendor as you want to know the duties that need to be paid which is part of your landed cost … Continue reading

Types of Medical Equipment

Every day, doctors, nurses and other health care professionals use a large variety of medical equipment to diagnose and save lives. There are thousands of different medical devices to be found in any given hospital or clinic. Every piece of medical equipment, from simple needles to high tech … Continue reading

Kitchen Countertops

Why Choose Stone Countertops? Everyone knows the heart of a home is the kitchen. it’s where the day begins, reading the morning paper, enjoying breakfast, and finally, rushing kids out the door. In the evening, it comes alive with conversation, cooking and that cup of tea. But throughout the … Continue reading

Freight Forwarders

How to deal with freight forwarders? Choosing from a list of freight forwarders to handle your transportation needs can mean the difference between satisfied customers or unhappy ones; efficient, cost-effective distribution of goods or careless, wasteful handling of them. Before using a freight … Continue reading