Miami ClassifiedsWhen it comes to advertising, do you think about online advertising? Or you immediately think print?

If your answer was print, think again.

In a recent study released by eMarketer, for the first time marketers are expected to spend more on online advertising than on print ads.

Online advertising is an incredibly important tool. You have to realize that times have changed. I am not saying to abandon print advertising. It is still very important for certain industries and cannot be totally eliminated. If you live in a small town where your business is strictly conducted in your town, Print advertising is the way to go however, if you need to attract business from outside and you have a marketable product that can be sold outside of your area, you need online advertising.
Online advertising is an important tool for driving business especially in this new world which depends on technology in almost everything. Can you imagine not having your smartphone? Don’t you reach out for your smartphone every time you need to find a restaurant to eat in or what stores are open late at night? A magazine or newspaper can’t give you that. We are a society on the run.

Online advertising solves many problems that marketers have been facing for years.

Print advertising is still a great tool for many marketers. There are those of us who still want to hold that piece of paper in their hand, it lends credibility to the business. Having that magazine in your hand gives you a good feeling, you can take your time to read and take it home. Some companies will never need online advertising however more than 90% of people will start their search online.

With highly advanced targeting techniques, search ads by Google and Bing searches can target users by geography, behavior, age, income range and interest.

And don’t forget banner or display ads, they can also be targeted to reach audiences where they are. These ads are also targeted to display on sites with similar themes even when your competitors are searched for.

Does is online advertising work? Yes it does. Online advertising costs less than print advertising and reaches a lot more people than print. You can’t misplace and online ad. You can always search again.

Online advertising costs less than print and reaches a lot more people than print.

And please don’t forget the environment. How many trees are being removed to make the paper for the print version? What happened to going green? One important factor to consider when choosing online advertising is that you can calculate the return of the investment. Through detailed monthly reporting, every impression, every click and every conversion can be tracked. You will know exactly what the return on your investment is, something that is very hard to do with print advertising.

If you are ready to take the logical step and start your online advertising to watch your business grow, give us a call. Clicksusa is finally here.


Online Advertising Or Print Advertising