Tasca De Espana

At our restaurant, you can rest assured that our cuisine is of the highest quality. We are well known in Miami for excellent Indian Cuisine, with dishes representing all regions of India.

If you like Indian food, our restaurant is the place to go for real Indian food in Miami. Don’t settle for less. Our restaurant is rated among the best restaurants serving authentic Indian food in Miami.
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A few words of knowledge of Indian food.

1)Does not have to be spicy but always full of flavor

2)Tandoor is a dome shaped  clay oven built from the ground up where the bread(naan)is stuck on the walls to bake.

3)Raita is a blend of yogurt cucumbers and carrots with splash of spices to arouse the taste buds to have with biryani.

4)Lassi is a homemade yogurt drink always blended with sugar, salt, spices and usually mango to adhere to different taste buds


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