Engineered Wood Flooring Miami

Global Wood Floors provides some of the nicest engineered Wood Flooring Miami offers. This floor is designed especially for those who are devoted to the natural seam of the wood. It is constructed like laminate wood flooring, but with a native wood cover, which allows it to hold the natural beauty which many find in hardwood flooring. .

It consists of 4 layers:

  1. This special developed transparent layer has a specific cellulose structure and is impregnated with resin. This creates a very high wear resistance.
  2. Hard Wood layer of 2,3, and 5 mm.
  3. This High Density Fiberboard has a very high-density (850kg/m³) and is water-resistant glued. This gives the board a relative moisture-resistance character.
  4. This layer, embedded in resin, is made up of melamine, which creates a moisture-resistant under layer for the floor. This layer also takes care of the balance in the Quick-Step Uniclic panels.

The floor comes in planks of 3 and 5 inches of width and 48 inches of length. Its thickness is of 3/8″ that grant one easy installation and allows it to cover great extensions without greater difficulty.

It’s maintenance is minimum since the floor comes previously vitrified, which allows a great strength and minimum waste of daily use. The floor has a coat of aluminum oxidation for maximum resistance with a warranty of 25 years.

Wood Flooring Miami

Benefits of Engineered Wood Floors Miami & More

In addition to engineered flooring, Global Wood Floors Miami carries a plethora of other flooring options. Our hardwood flooring options are perfect for those who wish to create a new feel for their space. Engineered flooring may be the best route for your establishment, given its benefits. For one, engineered flooring is more suitable for environments with heavy humidity, as it won’t expand as hardwood can. If also more versatile than other types of flooring, and can stand up to the elements. Engineered flooring may also be the best route to take for cost reasons, as engineered flooring can cost a great deal less than certain hardwoods. While these floors are durable, laminate wood flooring as a general rule can take the most abuse.

Miami Engineered Floor Examples


Wood Flooring Miami